Germish Potato-Love

I really love potatoes. They are great in every single way you can serve them: mash, fried, with salt and butter, with soured cream, fries, chips, wedges …

Organic potatoes taste more like potatoes.


Just cut them they look like the wedges from McDonalds or KFC. You don’t have to boil them before. Chilis and garlic taste absolutely great when you cut them freshly. Cheapest and best ones: Aldi. German supermarket chain 😉


Preheat – if you don’t forget it, like me all the time – except today!


Add all the flavours you can find in your household. Green stuff: parsley, basil, oregano. Red stuff: paprika, chili powder. Mixed herbs and salt.


A bit of sunflower oil to make the spices stick to the potatoes and then hands onto it!


I always put one after the other – really neatly and German. If you are English: just turn the bowl that all of them fall onto the baking tray. I always put baking paper underneath, for two reasons: the potatoes don’t stick to the tray and I have less cleaning work to do afterwards. (And my English family loves sausages and they are always on this tray – without baking paper.

So far so good. This is a vegan dish. If you are „only“ vegetarian: add cheese (after half an hour in the oven).

There are some really good dips in Aldi, for sixty pence. You cannot make it yourself to a cheaper price. But if you don’t have an Aldi around the corner like we do: soured cream with garlic, herbs (freezer or fresh) and some salt tastes delicious!

20160803_145042.jpg 20160803_155026.jpg

Advice: You need less oil, when you put the potatoes, spices, herbs and oil into a plastic bag. You save oil, but you waste a plastic bag. Don’t know what’s better – or worse.

Advice: You can easily prepare this some time before you actually put them in the oven. It makes the taste even better!

Advice: If you have boiled potatoes, you can still make wedges. It just takes a lot less time in the oven. Not boiled potatoes take about 45 minutes. Boiled ones about 15, in fact: the cheese has to melt. That’s it.

Advice: Don’t make too many because you will want to eat them all.

(Kiki: that was for you 🙂 )


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